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Kris Whitfield

NHRA Super Comp/Super Gas

I joined the Champion family in 2015. My favorite part about racing is being able to race at new tracks alongside my friends and family and against some of the best racers in the world. My ultimate racing goal is to earn a living going from racetrack to racetrack and spending every possible weekend in the drivers seat. Being on #TEAMCHAMPION is an incredible opportunity to support a well-respected national brand while furthering my racing career as a sponsored driver.                             


Kris’s involvement in drag racing started the day he was born. He was raised spending every weekend at the drag strip, and began racing a junior dragster when he was 8 years old. He won his first season championship when he was 10 and his first national championship at 12. At age 16 years, he started racing a super gas Camaro, and won his first championship in the “big car” a year later. Since then he’s won 10 track championships, including four in the 2014 season. He followed up 2014 with a successful 2015 season, successfully defending two championships.

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