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Teri Cummings

Sprint Boat Racing

I joined the Champion family in 2014. My favorite part about racing is THE ADRENALINE YOU FEEL WHEN PULLING HORIZONTAL G'S. My ultimate racing goal is TO WIN THE JET SPRINT WORLD SERIES. Being on #TEAMCHAMPION is A WAY TO REPRESENT THIS EXTREME SPORT.


Currently residing in Sequim, Washington, Teri Cummings is one of the top navigators in United States sprint boat racing. In 2007, Teri and her husband Tim Cummings, went to their first sprint boat race as spectators and fell in love with the sport. They bought a boat that day and started racing themselves. It didn’t take long for Teri to want a boat for herself and her son Dillon Cummings. Now Teri helps navigate her son through a series of tight corners while pulling horizontal G’s, and with Dillon by her side, they are quickly rising to the top of their sport.

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