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Cole Peschang 14 year old out of South Beloit, IL. He started racing go karts at age 10. His first year at Sugar River Raceway in Brodhead ,WI he was the Jr1 Clone Class Champion. His 2nd year of racing Cole was the Jr1 Honda Class Champion .Winning 15 of the 19 Features that season and also resetting the track record by over 1 second.

His 3rd season we decided to run a few Regional Series in our area. Championship Enduro Series and the Mid-American Sprint Series. He finished 1st in the Mid-American Sprint Series for 2014 and 2015 in the LO206 Jr Class. He finished 2nd in Animal Jr and 2nd in Animal Jr Sprint in the Championship Enduro Series. Only because we missed one race because of his  parents' business which they had commitments that weekend.

For 2016 Cole raced in the WKA Road Racing Series, RT66 Sprint Series, Championship Enduro Series and the AKRA Road Racing Series. It was a busy season. Winning at Daytona 2 times started off the 2016 season really well. Cole won races at every event for the WKA. He finished as the 2016 WKA Jr Animal Lite Grand National Champion  and Jr Animal Heavy National Champion. He also finished 2nd in the AKRA Road Racing Series and 3rd in CES ( both once again because of missing a race because parents business obligations) RT66 he finished 31st out of 44 in his 1st season in Yamaha Jr . Missing 3 events due to schedule conflicts of the other 3 series' he ran in.

For 2017 Cole has a few options and people have been offering him seat time in different types of karts and cars. 

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