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Faith Schuch



Faith Schuch has been racing for seven years and has had four season championships and nearly 200 wins.

"I believe a champion is made in everyday life. A true champion lives like a champion in everything they do. Whether it’s setting behind the wheel of my racecar, running cross country, volunteering at a ranch, or even doing homework, I do my very best and never give up. Things that would sometimes cause others to quit only strengthen me and inspire me to do better next time. I’m very proud that in the past three seasons, thanks to a lot of hard work from my team, and quality parts like Champion plugs, I have had zero DNFs (Did Not Finish)".

Her dream is to race professionally and she is committed to work hard to achieve and never give up on that dream. Faith knows the road ahead will have many obstacles, but as she has proven in the past, they will not stop her but each step she takes along the way will be that much more rewarding. Her short term goal is to race at least one more year in the bandolero, and then make the move to a legend car.

Tags: Go-Kart and Bandolero
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