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Nick Gennusa

ATV Motocross


Nick Gennusa is 20 year old ATV Motocross Racer from New Jersey. He races the AMA ATV Mountain Dew Nationals and earned 8 National Championship Titles in 11 years. Nick was voted the "WPSA 2007 Amateur Rider of the Year", the "AMA ATV 2012 Rider of the Year" and the "AMA ATV 2015 PRO Rookie of the Year". Racing has taught him priceless life lessons, keeping him self-driven and focused on his own "track" in life. Team sports weren't for Nick, as he likes to be accountable for my his actions, not relying on others. Meaning, when that gate drops and he is in a tough situation in life, the rest is up to him. "In school there were many crowds. I saw drinking/drugs at parties, but never went down that path knowing what I could lose. Racing has kept me clean knowing my ultimate dream was to become a Pro ATV Champion and knew what that would require from me. Racing isn't about what others can do for you, but what you can do for others. Years ago, my father brought me to train with some Pro Racers, yet few were from NJ. That said, now I wanted to give other riders the same opportunity that I was given to train with a Pro! I now have about 15 students. Watching these kids progress and push themselves is very gratifying to me. I'm often asked, "How long will you continue to race?" My answer to that is, ”As long as I'm able to with the support from my family and sponsors of my race program.” I may just be a "kid" with a dream, but I’ve been dreaming for 15 years now and have made it a reality". Success is a journey, not a finish line. 

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