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Thomas Schwarz

Quarter Midget


Thomas  ‘Lil’ Red’ Schwarz is a 9 year old from Little Rocky Hill, New Jersey. Quarter midgets have been his life since before he was born; his older brothers began racing the year he was born – at 9 days old, he was at the track. 2017 will be his fifth year behind the wheel with QMA at Garden State Quarter Midget Racing Club and Little Wall Stadium. He has 13 wins in quarter midget racing; and has taken some really big tumbles already in his career. His biggest win came in 2016 at the QMA Eastern Grands in the Junior Honda Division – he IS a National Champion in Quarter Midgets.  He has raced in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and will race in Ohio during this upcoming season. When he comes off the track, his dad and brothers are the first ones there to talk about how the car handled and if it was comfortable. Through racing and competition, Thomas has learned to make friends and how to work with his family. But most of all, he learns about being a good sport because that’s not easy when someone wrecks you when you are leading. Lil Red is often the first to go congratulate the winner; and the first to comfort a fellow competitor who has had a bad race or bad day.  He loves to work with the novices and give pointers to make them better racers.  When he's waiting to go on the track, Thomas is thinking about racing clean and what strategies he might use to win. Sometimes he's even hoping he doesn’t flip! His goals for this season and Grands are really the same – to win!! "I want to be a champion – on and off the track!"

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