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Are All Windshield Wipers the Same?

Exploring the different wiper blade designs


It’s easy to take your windshield wipers for granted. It starts to rain, you turn them on and once the weather clears, you turn them off. But your wipers are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. Helping you keep a clear view of the road during inclement weather, it is worthwhile to take a moment and consider your options when it comes to replacement wiper blades.

There are several types of wiper blades available and each design has advantages that may make it the right blade for your driving requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the wiper blade types available in today’s marketplace.

Bridge wipers


Traditional bridge wipers have been around for many years and have a metal frame that supports the rubber wiper blade. The frame attaches to your wiper arms and forms to the windshield using a spring mechanism across discrete number of pressure points. The most widely used style of wiper blades, bridge-style wipers have the advantage of being the most affordable.

Beam wipers


Beam wipers represent the latest in wiper blade technology and are standard equipment on many new vehicles. Their sleek look and upscale appearance have made them a very popular replacement item.

Beam blades feature fewer moving parts than traditional wiper blades. The concealed spring mechanism exerts infinite pressure points on the rubber blade to ensure the blade conforms to the curve of your windshield. Since the spring mechanism is concealed, it cannot become clogged with snow or ice. The lower profile of the beam-style wiper results in reduced aerodynamic lift while driving.

Hybrid wipers


Hybrid wiper blades are, as the name implies, wiper blades that combine technologies of the traditional-frame wiper and the beam-style wiper. Hybrid wiper blades have a blade casing that encloses a portion of the traditional frame to provide aerodynamic features and all-weather capabilities similar to the beam-style blade while retaining the discrete pressure points of traditional frame wipers for a consistent wipe.

Picking the right blade


When it comes time to change your wiper blades, take a close look at your driving habits. By evaluating how you drive and how you use your wipers, you’ll be able to select the right wiper blade for your vehicle.

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