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Lauren Butler

Street Stock Asphalt


Lauren began her racing career in go-karts at the young age of 12. Her inspiration to race came from watching and cheering for her father at the Motordrome Speedway. At the age of 14 Lauren move to compete in the Allison Legacy series, where she raced until 2005, age 17. In 2006 she debuted her Late Model at Jennerstown Speedway but was eliminated from the competition due to an accident in the heat race. Lauren was then given the opportunity to step into Street Stock for the 2006 season to compete and gain valuable seat time. Since then she has made many first accomplishments at some of the local race tracks. One of Lauren’s biggest accomplishment was winning her first championship in 2017. She was the first female in the history of Jennerstown Speedway to win the title. She also is the first female to win the Street Stock Championship under the Sweeney Rush Asphalt Series banner. Her plans for this season are to compete in the Street Stock Division at Jennerstown Speedway as well as run a limited race schedule in the Super Cup Stock Car Series. 

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