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Stefano Lucente

Go Karts


Stefano Lucente is a 15 yr old driver from Ontario, Canada. He will be making his debut in the senior shifter as well as four cycle classes. He fell in love with motorsport at five years old when his father took him to the Toronto International Auto Show. Three years later he was given the opportunity to take his first lap behind the wheel of a go-kart. Beginning with arrive and drive karts, Stefano showed immediate talent and took two championships in his first two seasons of racing. Racing alongside some of North America's best young drivers, Stefano was able to prove his racing skills to other drivers by clenching four championship titles in 2015. Stefano continued racing two-stroke during 2016 and doubled up on some on track time by racing the Junior Briggs and Stratton four-cycle class. In 2017, Stefano had his first opportunity behind the wheel of a shifter kart. Stefano developed and learned new skills in his shifter kart that take others multiple seasons to learn. This resulted in him winning five out of the eight races. Stefano is looking forward to another successful year in the senior shifter and Briggs and Stratton four-cycle class in 2018. Stefano has been awarded a Most Sportsman Like title.

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