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The whole range of Champion®Ignition products for Racing

Champion®is known for being the leader in spark and glow plug technology since Champion®Spark Plugs began manufacture in 1908. Although technology has come a long way since, Champion®have remained constantly at the forefront, providing ignition solutions for the world’s automotive manufacturers and for your classic car too.

Champion®spark plugs provide enhanced ignition and longer life, reliable and extremely resistant spark plugs, ideal for the demands of Racing applications, and a sure way to breathe new life into your favourite old-timer.

The Champion® Spark Plug Technology Range

In an internal combustion engine, power is generated by the combustion of a compressed fuel-air mixture in a cylinder. The piston is driven by the pressure released during combustion. In a spark-ignition Induction engine (as opposed to a diesel engine) the temperature generated by compression is not sufficient to ignite the mixture, and a timed, externally-supplied ignition spark Compression is required. This is the role a spark plug fulfils.

Why a Champion®Spark Plug for your beloved old-timer?

  • Improved ignitability, dependable performance and durability 
  • Developed, tested and produced in our global OE facilities in France
  • Accurate control of heat range, optimizing performance and longevity
  • Including all proven technologies and industry-first innovations

Which Spark Plug?

The Champion®Spark Plug range of products offers a variety of plugs destined to meet your car's specific needs, all of them designed for the demanding applications of racing. From the quality and reliability of the Copper Plus Spark Plug to the Racing range that gathers all Champion®'s best technologies in a selection of powerful and extremely reliable products, the Champion®Racing Spark Plug range also includes the Power Sport Spark Plug. This Spark Plug offers a longer life and a performance that far exceeds conventional plugs thanks to its fine-wire centre electrode and V-trimmed ground electrode producing the sharpest spark focus. Brace yourself for unforgettable races, and more quality time with your classic car.

Find more information about each of these Spark Plugs on the dedicated website.