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What if you don't change your air filter in time?

Even the most critical-sized particles are stopped by the top-quality filter paper Champion®uses in its filters. Specialists recommend Champion®filters as we aim to match the original design of car manufacturers.

Take no risks, change your filter in time.

A filter which is not replaced in time, can get clogged. If the differential pressure on the filter gets too high, the filter media (paper, or fabric) can bend or break, and unfiltered particles may enter the engine or cabin.

Every clogged filter has direct or indirect consequences for the person driving, the car and the environment.

Every car is different and has its own requirements specified by the car manufacturer. In case of doubt: ask your Champion®specialist about it. He can advise you and install the right filter for your car in the appropriate way. And in time.

Why you should avoid a clogged air filter

  • Power Loss: Modern motor management systems calculate the amount of fuel to be injected on the pressure in the intake manifold. If the air filter is clogged and the incoming air is soiled this will result in distorted data and the engine power will drop. 
  • Black Smoke: If the air flow drops because of a clogged filter, too much diesel will be injected causing an incomplete combustion, with black exhaust smoke as a result.
  • Engine Damage: If a filter with low efficiency is not replaced in time, it creates a snowball effect: particles enter and damage the engine, small pieces come off the engine parts and the amount of dust in the engine increases.
    Ultimately this will lead to the engine’s malfunction or breakdown.
  • Increased Fuel Consumption: A clogged filter will generate a higher pressure difference between the clean and the dirty chambers. This can lead to particle detachments. In newer cars, this can lead to a sensor misreading. In older cars, this can have a choke effect as consequence.