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The combination of letters and numbers assigned for every Champion spark plug is a logical formula which indicates the major features of its design.

Basic RGB

Let’s take a closer look:

[R] Resistor - If an R is present, this indicates a resistor type spark plug. Resistor type spark plugs reduce the amount of radio frequency interference (RFI) that can cause ignition misfires and static on the radio.

[V] Shell Design - This refers to the thread size and reach of the spark plug.

[15] Heat Range - The middle number indicates the heat range of the spark plug, the higher the number the hotter the heat range.

[YC] Firing End Design - The letters after the heat rating indicates a special spark plug construction feature called the firing end design. The letters refer to the center electrode material, projection dimension and ground material.

[4] Gap Designation - The number after the heat rating indicates the wide gap designation. Please note, the wide gaps are required to meet federal and California requirements.


Find the Design of Your Spark Plug

Time to replace your spark plug? There’s a Champion spark plug for every application:

R   Resistor 3k ohm/ 10k ohm

K   Resistor 1k-2k ohm

T   Resistor 7k-15k ohm

  Low resistance, inductive suppressor

X   Combined resistive/inductive suppression

U   Internal auxiliary air gap (booster gap)

If the very first character listed in the plug type number is not one of the characters listed above, the plug is a non-resistor type (doesn't contain a resistor)


A   12mm x 1.25mm, .750", gasket/joint, 5/8" or 18mm

C   14mm x 1.25mm, .750", gasket/joint, 5/8"

CJ   14mm x 1.25mm, .375", gasket/joint, 3/4"

DJ   14mm x 1.25mm, .307", taper, 5/8"

E   14mm x 1.25mm, .984", taper, 5/8"

EA 12mm x 1.25mm, 1.043", gasket/joint, 14mm

EC 14mm x 1.25mm, 1.043", gasket/joint, 5/8"

ER 12mm x 1.25mm, 1.043", gasket/joint, 5/8"

ES 14mm x 1.25mm, .984", taper, 5/8"

ET 12mm x 1.25mm, 1.043", taper, 14mm

F   18mm x 1.5mm, .429", taper, 13/16"

G   10mm x 1.0mm, .750", gasket/joint, 5/8"

J   14mm x 1.25mm, .375", gasket/joint, 13/16"

L   14mm x 1.25mm, .500", gasket/joint, 13/16"

N   14mm x 1.25mm, .750", gasket/joint, 13/16"

P   12mm x 1.25mm, .500", gasket/joint, 11/16"

S   14mm x 1.25mm, .689", taper, 5/8"

V   14mm x 1.25mm, .441", taper, 5/8"

Y   10mm x 1.0mm, .375", gasket/joint, 5/8"

Z   10mm x 1.0mm, .500", gasket/joint, 5/8"


The tabulated values generally hold true for the more common plug types. There may be minor variations from the tabulated values for the less common plug types.


1 to 20  Automotive & small engine

20 to 49  Historical aviation

50 to 65   High performance racing plugs

65 to 100  Industrial & small engine


Please note, within a given plug family the plugs run hotter as the number gets higher. Generally, the Racing and Industrial plug families run colder than the automotive plug family even though they have higher numbers.


W  Iridium

P  Platinum

G  Gold palladium



RETRACTED  No Projection

H  .020"-.030"

Y  .060"-.090"

M  .100"-.140"

L  .180"-.220"

E  .240"-.300"




CC  Double copper

P  Platinum

G Gold palladium

2  .020"

3  .030"

4  .040"

5  .050"

Z  Skirted plug

LM Lawn mower plug

Surface gap

B  Fine wire rivet design

On a skirted shell, the threads on the metal shell stop before they reach the bottom. Non-skirted plugs have threads all the way to the bottom of the shell.

*Some plugs have special design features. If the first character after the heat range (number) is not one of the center electrode references, check the Special Features matrix.


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