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Champion® introduces integrated pressure sensor glow plugs, ceramic glow plugs and glow control units.

Champion® continually introduces new ignition products (NPIs). As a full Ignition specialist, Champion® is constantly expanding its range of products. From advanced Integrated Pressure Sensor Glow Plugs, over Ceramic Glow Plugs, to a solid range of Glow Control Units.
Whether you drive a Diesel engine or a Petrol engine, Champion® is always offering the right solution for your car.

Integrated Pressure Sensor Glow Plug

Critical for modern engine build. Necessary for today’s performance and emissions standards.

With the world’s first glow plug to enable the regulation of the combustion processes inside a closed loop system on the market, Champion® once again highlights its technological lead.
By installing integrated pressure sensor glow plugs higher peak pressures can be implemented in today’s smaller engines, standard and future combustion processes can be pushed even further to their limits, and constantly stable emissions control can be obtained throughout the engine’s entire service life.


Future of cold start technology

The Champion Integrated Pressure Sensor Glow Plug is an intelligent glow plug with integrated combustion chamber pressure sensor which reports data to the engine control electronics. Injection is adjusted to the actual combustion in real time.



  1. Cylinder pressure can be recorded up to 200 bar, accurate to +/- 2% and with a resolution up to 700 steps per combustion cycle

  2. The ECU is able to constantly adapt the fuel injection, the charge pressure and the exhaust gas recycling rate

  3. Ignition can be optimised to each cylinder 

  4. Improves cold starts and cold running quality

  5. Enables optimum torque control

  6. Higher engine performance with limited emission of pollutants, soot particles and nitrogren oxides

  7. "Closed loop” method introduced into the Diesel Engines


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