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Jeff Curl

Dirt Late Model

I joined the Champion family in 2014. My favorite part about racing is IS THE FAN SUPPORT AND SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS FOR YOUNGSTERS. My ultimate racing goal is TO RACE FOR A DIRT LATE MODEL TEAM. Being on #TEAMCHAMPION is AN HONOR AND GIVES ME GREAT EXPOSURE.


Jeff Curl is a 39-year-old Open-Wheel Modified racer from Fairbury, IL. He grew up at the racetrack and is very passionate about racing. In 2001, without any previous racing experience, Jeff bought his first Modified and the journey began. Fifteen years later, with hard work, dedication and a lot of help along the way, Jeff has built a team that is ultra-competitive at the national level. He has two local track championships and a National Touring Season Championship under his belt along with numbers local and special event victories. Jeff takes pride in his image on and off the track. He always takes time to interact with the fans especially the young ones. Jeff is highly respected in the dirt racing community. It's an honor for him to be a part of #TeamChampion and all their talented drivers.

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